Argentine Tango

We provide private and group classes in Argentine Tango.  For group class times and dates click here.

The Argentine Tango is an improvised dance originally from Argentina.  It is divided into three types dictated by the rhythm of the music:

The Argentine Tango is distinct from the ballroom tango and has its own social scene.


There are two main styles of Argentine Tango dancing - traditional (known as "Salon Tango") and Nuevo (the big kicks and flicks one).  

The dance is all about the connection between leader and follower and can be as simple or as flashy as the dancers want it to be.  It is not all about the kicks and flicks shown on programs such as Strictly Come Dancing  (although they are great fun!).


Overall this dance is fun, sociable and can be danced socially to most types of music.  Once you have learnt to dance the Argentine Tango you will be able to dance with anyone at a Milonga (Argentine Tango social dance).  It is not the easiest of styles to learn but it is satisfying and very achievable.  

At Dance Devotion we provide Argentine Tango tuition in both group and private classes in the Norwich area.

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