Ballroom and Latin

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Thanks for the popularity of TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Ballroom and Latin is now more popular than ever.  

It is made up of ten different dances:

The Ballroom Dances:

The Latin Dances:

Each of these dances are danced to a different style or beat of music, meaning that you can dance one of them to pretty much any type of music.  Although there are ten different styles to learn all of them use a similar set of basic principles, meaning that learning one will help with learning another.


Ballroom and Latin dancing is fun, varied and suitable for all ages.  Due to space requirements (it generally needs more room than many other styles of dance) it is the least useable at weddings/ parties but you can find ample events to dance this style at dedicated Ballroom and Latin dances all over the world, not least those hosted by Dance Devotion!

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